OpenMRS Current Work

First, configure your git setup and get a feel for the workflow:,-plus-workflow-tutorial

Then go through these steps to get the webapp up and running:
While working on your ticket, you might want to see if changes in your code make it to the webapp. This page also contains instructions for that. (Feel free to ask Katherine if anything's unclear!)

Next, pick an introductory ticket and start working on it. These were chosen by the ThoughtWorks team.

The ones below are done, but take a look at the merged pull requests to see how other people solved the problem!
e.g. — very straightforward

It's often faster to look around the OpenMRS GitHub, then open the code in Eclipse. Example file:

Note that OpenMRS is prepared to carve out a chunk of work for us to work on after we do good work on intro tickets (exciting!), and Daniel Kayiwa is our point of contact. Some tips for doing good work:

  • Better tickets are ones with larger descriptions and detailed acceptance criteria
  • Look to see if someone has claimed the ticket (top right corner)
  • Go through all the attachments and comments (below)
  • Stories can be impossible to complete (e.g. “Make security better”)
  • It’s possible that the ticket is unassigned, but not marked as done
  • An example ticket:
  • An example solution: (red means removed, green means added)
  • Internationalized projects with many languages often follow this pattern (key, text string pattern)
  • Make sure your changes pass the tests. If they break tests, fix them before committing.
  • Please claim the ticket you’re working on, using your OpenMRS account. Also unassign if you can’t work on it any more, and document on your work done in the comments section.
  • Ask the OpenMRS IRC channel ( and the OpenMRS mailing list (!forum/dev) Feel free to join; they’re all very friendly!

Tickets in progress:

Completed tickets!

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